Conference on AI Inference in Practice: Are you familiar with basic aspects of Deep Learning? Great! You will have the opportunity to join us during one-day conference focused on Deep Learning models in action. In this track you will learn how to use models in real life scenarios, what edge platforms are available on the market for AI inference and how to implement a trained AI model. You will also hear some success stories on AI implementation in practice.

The Conference is co-organized by the Digitial Innovation Hub: DIH4.AI.

We are working on the schedule – hang tight!

The Digitial Innovation Hub: DIH4.AI is supported by Polish Ministry of Economic Development under the program Industry 4.0 (Standaryzacja usług Hubów Innowacji Cyfrowych dla wsparcia cyfrowej transformacji przedsiębiorców” (2019-2021), projekt w konsorcjum Politechnika Gdańska i VoiceLab).